December 22, 2017
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Main tourist attractions and sites in Gascony

Auch: the departmental capital of the Gers sees itself as the capital of Gascony. The top sites include the 16th century Sainte-Marie cathedral , which has a fine organ and early 16th century stained-glass windows. Next to it stands the Tour d’Armagnac – a 14th-century prison, and a statue of “d’Artagnan”, the famous but fictitious leader of the Three Musketeers.
December 18, 2017
Gascony - the heart of the Southwest

Gascony – the heart of the Southwest

Like Provence and the Dordogne, Gascony is a name that is laden with bucolic symbolism, one of those regions of southern France whose name evokes images of warmth and sunshine, and a traditional rural way of life far removed from the hassle and stress of modern city living.